Over the years, Andrew and Jay began to find comfort in the fact that many of their favorite home-brewed and commercially-produced beers did not necessarily fit into traditional brewing categories. They began experimenting through the approach for desired flavor profiles, instead of specific styles. While this process does not limit creativity in the brew house, the expectations of the drinker are also less defined. We encourage you to wander, and to seek out new paths and experiences.

Of course we use style guidelines in an attempt to convey what beer awaits you in your bottle; just be aware that it will most likely be defiantly and rebelliously out of bounds. How else could we create our Golden Doppelbock? It is a well-lagered, 100% malt beer that is 8% alcohol and boasts 60 IBUs of Noble Hop goodness. Is it a Double Pilsener? Is it a high-brow malt liquor? Is it an overly-hopped Maibock? We'll let you decide. Let us know what you think.

Our entire presence as a brewery has a focus on quality and taste. We employ a very minimal, five barrel brewing system that is hand-stirred, hand-bottled and hand-distributed. We value barrel aging, aging with fruit, extended aging, blending and the use of multiple yeast strains.

All of our beers are naturally unfiltered and bottle conditioned.